In Memoriam


Dr. Martin Alan Felton

September 3, 2016

We remember Mr. Martin Felton, loving husband father and grandfather.

 Mr. Felton was a Director of Colegio Bolívar in Cali, Colombia.  Mr. Felton, as he was known by the students of Colegio Bolivar, arrived in Cali from the United States in 1978. Mr. Felton, who was Director for 19 years, was the point of reference for Colegio Bolivar in Cali. Joe Nagy, current Director of Colegio Bolívar, said that under his tutelage "the school managed to have a solid community, at a time that was difficult for the city."  Nagy said Mr. Felton managed to position the school as one of the best in the country. "He not only cared about education, but to train valuable people, to serve the city and Colombia," Nagy explained.

 "How much I appreciate and care for Mr. Felton. How much gratitude to him. His generosity, human warmth and values were recorded in all of us who were blessed to have known him. He will always have a very special place in my heart, "said Adriana Hernández alumni of Colegio Bolívar.

 An unforgettable pillar: Mr. Felton is also remembered for leading, together with other families of Colegio Bolívar, the work that designated the Lago de las Garzas as a Memorial Park for the victims of the American Airlines flight accident that crashed into Cerro San José, near Buga, in 1995. In the event his daughter Ariel Felton died.

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